don't try to be 'everywhere' at once.

(Your customers aren't.)

Plus, it's exhausting. 
Focus on the 'sweet spots.'


When people need information, most of us don't just go to our desktop anymore; we reach for whatever device is closest and start our search.

People are using more and more devices, some of them simultaneously, like when we tweet during an awards show.

This trend dramatically increases the need to branch out into the digital space.

How do you speak to all of those people? Social media means you're speaking to a potentially global audience, all the time.


Business owners struggle with the question, too: how can brands turn these people into customers?

Many small business platforms are getting there, but it's still difficult for many of those just starting out to find access to top-quality social media intelligence data and audience targeting resources that won't break the bank.

Our consultation model is designed to bridge the gap that exists in the marketplace between entrepreneurs and data technology that can help them be successful on the digital, social stage.