One of the things people like most about is the opportunity to hear different, unique perspectives that they don't get to share every day. Despite our all-time high in community visibility, people still want to learn about transgender folks and the struggles we face.

Fortunately, we know tons of people with invaluable experience, but we don't think it's fair to ask them to contribute their stories without compensation.

If you want to help change this situation, we're willing to provide a platform to help. In the future, we want to be able to pay people for routine contributions to the website. For now though, we've decided to take things one post at a time.

In addition to our normal posts incorporating social media data on various topics of interest, we'll also occasionally feature a post from the Trans.Report family of authors on a rotating basis. 

We've reached out to some members of the TGNC community to share their experiences. Others who are interested in sharing their ideas should always send us a message so we can schedule out your post in advance (and get you paid more quickly).

Here's the plan. When you sponsor a post, we'll use that money to produce a high-quality post involving some opinion, some editorial, and some social media intelligence data to underscore the reality that no matter how much we might feel alone or separated, our community shares many of the same feelings and insecurities, even if we experience life differently.

Most importantly, 75% of your contribution goes straight to the post's author.
We keep a little out of every post to go towards website expenses and sales transaction costs.


Sponsor a REAL VOICES post from one of our authors: just $50.

Here's to the up-and-comers. We love you.

Sponsor a #REALVOICE post.
from 50.00

75% of your contribution goes straight to the post author. 

We only retain the 25% for hosting and sales costs.

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