Base cost: $100.00

What's included:

1. a preliminary content consultation and market analysis report
2. 30 days of ongoing editing and production consultation
3. one launch content package of your choice:

Visual Asset Package (cover/graphic assets)
Blog Series Package
Launch Trailer Package (short video)

Add-on packages:
$50 each.

A complete package will carry its own delivery date based on our current availability.

"Complete package" means the base cost plus both other launch packages.

(All prices quoted in US Dollars.)


cover photo camera stock.jpg

Visual Asset Package
(cover work + 1 graphic)

We'll create a series of assets based on the vision you describe for us, our research information, and current trends.

Handy for those avoiding 'artsy' stuff.


Blog Series Package
(4 posts + social insights)

We'll research a topic area of your choice to draft informative and helpful blog posts around a campaign designed for you.

Extra handy for nonfiction releases.


Launch Trailer Package
(short video - 60 seconds)

Using stock footage and digital editing as well as a few creative insights backed by industry-tested best practices and our social media research, we will create a short video for your title's launch.