In another of several amicus briefs filed today, nearly 200 legislators expressed their support for Gavin Grimm's case as it heads to the Supreme Court.

152 of them are co-sponsors of the Student Non-Discrimination Act which aims to ensure that existing civil rights law continues to protect LGBTQ children from harassment and discrimination.

From the brief: 

We firmly believe that Title IX’s prohibition on sex discrimination already prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity. In fact, the authors of SNDA designed the legislation to bring clarity and stability to an area of law that has been inconsistently interpreted and enforced. As members of Congress, we are uniquely positioned to advise the Court on the meaning of draft and pending legislation. We also have an inherent interest in the proper interpretation of enacted laws and pending legislation, particularly when differing interpretations alternately vindicate or eliminate the rights of the constituents we represent. Different interpretations of Title IX have led to uncertainty for public school children and their families and left LGBT children underprotected from discrimination despite applicable federal law. We urge this Court to uphold the Fourth Circuit’s decision and allow G.G. to use the boys’ bathroom at his school, as is already required by federal statutory law and consistent with this Court’s own precedent.