Gavin Grimm is pursuing the right for transgender students to use the restrooms that match their gender identities. The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments later this month.

In an amicus brief filed today, 15 religious organizations and more than 1800 individual religious leaders declared their support for Gavin's arguments.

From the brief:

Amici come from faiths that have approached issues related to gender identity in different ways over the years, but are united in believing that the fundamental human dignity shared by all persons requires treating transgender students like Respondent Gavin Grimm (“Gavin”) in a manner consistent with their gender identity. Amici also believe that, in our diverse and pluralistic society, the civil rights of transgender persons must be addressed according to religiously neutral principles of equal protection under the law.

If only 'real Americans' (/sarcasm) would see that you don't have to agree religiously to believe in fundamental human dignity.