Check out this promotional video for the Summit featuring our Youth Chairs, Branden and Nia. They're excited because the application deadline for the KC TGNC Summit has been extended until July 15!

(They also just believe it's going to be a generally incredible space for TGNC people, but Branden and Nia are in charge of our Youth outreach.)

You can find out more about all the Summit Committee members at the committee page. I've also included information for Branden and Nia at the bottom of this post.

Other awesome stuff happening with the KC TGNC Summit:

Along with finding Branden and Nia at the Summit, don't miss the keynote presentation from Crispin Torres, "Confronting Toxic Masculinity: Making Space for Trans Feminine Folks and Keeping Ourselves Safe."

Crispin is an educator and activist from Chicago. He has spent the last fifteen years working in LGBTQ advocacy, movement strategy, and education. You can read more about both Crispin and the keynote here.

Don't forget, application deadlines have been extended until July 15th, which means there's about a week left to apply. Share this post (and our video) to make sure everybody knows there's still time to submit an application.

Youth Chair Information



BRANDEN CONNELL is a 19 year old, queer and gender non-conforming white activist. They were raised in a small Iowan town where LGBTQ issues weren't considered worthy of discussing or protecting and are new to Kansas City. Having grown up on the Internet, Branden quickly found safe spaces online where they could learn, grow and discuss issues revolving around their own community, even growing and evolving as a TGNC youth activist. Since moving to KC, they have worked and interacted with transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) youth and people of color (POC) at a local youth space where they were able to connect and help create a safe network for their peers. Branden's current passions are activism, focusing on primarily the TGNC and POC communities, art and performing in drag. Their goals with this summit is to create a safe space where TGNC youth and POC can openly discuss their issues and struggles and for them to all feel heard and validated.  IG: @Brandenconnellart




NIA AMADOR is a creative, queer, gender nonconforming Latinx youth currently employed at Kansas City Costume. They are an active member of Passages, a local LGBTQ youth drop-in group. Nia is helping organize and start a transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) Youth Support Group and are thrilled to be one of the Youth Chairs at the KC TGNC Summit in late July 2016.