We're always looking for new voices.

As part of some discussions we have planned coming up, we're requesting submissions from the TGNC community on the following topics:

Trans* Masculine Experiences

There always seems to be a lack of trans* masculine representation among the transgender conversation. We want to offer our platform for anyone who wants to express their experience in their own words.

Drag Culture

Some in the transgender/gender non-conforming community disagree on drag culture. We want to help cultivate understanding by participating in the discussion from the perspective of individuals in their own lives.

Transgender Visibility

With the recent observance of Transgender Day of Visibility, it is clear that several questions remain for the transgender community regarding the role of that visibility and the degree to which it can be productive.

Constructive strategies are welcome in looking forward in community development.


We know that parents can be an important subject for TGNC people and youth, with personal experiences ranging from acceptance and celebration to rejection and omission. Every story can develop the way we relate to the idea of changing parental dynamics through transition.

Sexual Health

It feels like trans* health has been given a dirty name due to its frequent association with porn and corresponding stereotypes that tend to portray a negative image of transgender people across a variety of media.

Especially with the prevalence of these stereotypes, transgender people need the opportunity to reclaim positivity regarding their own sexual agency. It is important for part of the conversation about transgender health to be a reminder that healthy sexual activity can be a positive, affirming experience.

There are challenges that face the developing transgender support infrastructure. Important conversations regarding the role of mental health practitioners in providing supportive, gender-affirming healthcare will continue to develop.