It's a stereotypical post title for what feels like an exciting new adventure. I pay attention to the news -- probably more than is healthy for a normal work/life balance. When it comes to the news and how it affects the legislative climate for the transgender and gender non-conforming communities? I'm insatiable.

I watch the updates with a laser focus. My social media newsfeeds are all dominated by political discussion and disgust with the direction of political backlash against LBGT communities in which it feels like the transgender community have been isolated as scapegoats. But sometimes keeping up with the changing political climate feels defeating.

I asked a good friend recently what TGNC stories they enjoyed reading most throughout their day. We both agreed: stores that relate personal experiences matter most because they allow us the ability to understand a different perspective, or because they provide us new context that underscores the material reality of making some decisions because our hands feel forced.

Political stories take on a different dimension when they're connected to real stories. Not every story is connected to a political issue or even needs to be, but relating our personal struggles communicates a heartfelt sentiment that is hard to ignore. Our voices can illustrate the personal feeling of a moment, sometimes communicating unspoken truth that many of us may share.

We need you. Your stories matter.

If you want to join the conversation and share your story as a member of the TGNC community, let us know! We're looking for people who want to contribute their voice to the evolving conversation regarding the transgender community.